Panola College Fitness Center



FRIDAY 7:30A.M.-4:00 P.M.


  • Membership cards are $20 for a 30 day card.  Must be 12 years old or older
  • All students, faculty, staff, and members must present proper ID or membership cards
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Weight Room.  They must be accompanied by an adult 18 yrs. old or older in the gym or student center at all times
  • All visitors over the age of 12 must purchase a membership or have proper ID
  • No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the Student Center after normal business hours
  • Day lockers available free of charge (Locks are provided for checkout)
  • Use Equipment at your own risk
  • No outside food or drinks, except bottles of water or sports drink with a lid
  • Shirts and proper athletic shoes must be worn at all times
  • No Profanity
  • Return all weight to proper rack after use
  • Wipe down equipment and benches with sanitary wipes after use
  • Do not drop dumbbells on floor or wood platforms
  • Do not bang weight stacks together on machines
  • Do not hang on Rim
  • Anyone displaying disorderly conduct, abusive behavior, or using inappropriate language will be asked to leave immediately
  • The following items are available for checkout:  basketball, volleyballs, lockers, locks for locker, weight belts, and jump ropes